Training on Flowrate Valves for Shot Peening in Germany!

PA microwaveValve and magneticValve demo kits that allowed real operation of the units

At the Peening Accessories Service Centre in Altena in Germany, the first training for Flowrate Valves took place. In order to address the launching of the new MicrowaveValve for nonferrous and ferrous media, the event was organised accordingly.

Purpose of Event

The PA Flowrate Valves for shot peening already have a strong foothold in Asia, with hundreds of units having been sold in Asia to countries such as China, Japan, India, Malaysia and Singapore.

However, one intention is to get a better position within the European market.

Practical Training

For both valve types (microwaveValve and magneticValve), demo kits were available that showed the real operation. They were connected to a FlowMaster that can handle up to 4 valves at the same time. Every participant was asked to use the touchscreen of the FlowMaster to learn about the different functions and their meanings.

All in all, this event was a great success and will have been the first of many others to come.


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