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Almen Strips (A, N, C type)

 • directly from the manufacturer
 • corrosion protection
 • packing in resistant 50 Pcs carton boxes or
   500 Pcs boxes (depends on requirement & quality)
 • strips are vacuum packed for shipment
 • no mechanical deformation after heat treatment to
   meet flatness requirements
 • tighter hardness tolerances for Aero strips,
   HRC 45-48
 • strips to any specification provided
 • with COC J442, AMS 2430 or AMS 2432

New Generation of PLUS Quality!

 • arc height performance test for every lot
   for repeatability
 • each strip is LASER measured for fl atness,
   results printed on strip
 • each strip comes with a tracking no.
 • Almen strips with no burrs: additional mass
   finishing to grind away burrs
 • bright surface: helps to identify irregular coverage