PA magnetic Valve & Flow Master
Almen Strips
Almen Gages
PA microwave Valve & Flow Master
Almen Strip Holder - Standard
Saturation Curve Program
Strip Holder Internal Peening
Flap Peening
Ro-Tap Test Sieve Shakers
Adhesive Masking Tapes
Blast Media Additive
Fluorescent Tools
Blast Media Additive (no washing)

The technical benefits:

• No pre- or post-cleaning required
• Circulating blast media stays free flowing and 
  usable for longer
• Less soiling of the blasting system
• Easy removal of impurities from the process
• The right levels of surface cleanliness and 
  roughness become easier to achieve
• Fully-approved by renowned coating manufacturers 
  in terms of surfacepreparation quality (e.g. Sa 2.5)
• Significant reduction in processing times
• Far-lower staffing requirements
• Reliable preparation for conformity even with 
  enhanced corrosion-resistance category C5
• Improved operating reliability, thanks to a 
  more-stable process
• Reduced risk of fire

The economic benefits:

• Outstanding reductions in staffing and material costs
• Much less time-consuming
• Lower warranty-claim costs, thanks to improved 
  processing reliability
• No extra investment required