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PA magneticValve & FlowMaster

PA magneticValve

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Flow rate control valve for steel shot media and cut wire for peening and blasting machines

PA-5 magneticValve: Range 0 to 5 kg/min (0 to 11 lb)
PA-15 magneticValve: Range 0 to 15 kg/min (0 to 33 lb)
PA-45 magneticValve: Range 0 to 45 kg/min (0 to 99 lb)

• ±5% full-scale accuracy
• Power off: valve closed
• No moving parts for low-maintenance operation
• Meets SAE AMS 2430 and AMS 2432 specifications
• Digital signal: no data transmission lost
• Less cable: Only one (1) cable per valve
• 24V DC
• Anti-leakage protection (if disconnected to FlowMaster)
• Includes a 1 meter plug and cable (option 0.5, 5 and 10m)
• CE compliant
• Patent pending

Easy retrofitting! (same dimensions as existing suppliers)

PA FlowMaster - Media Flow Controller

Download detailed catalogue

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Special Features:
• Cost savings: One control handles up to four valves!
• 7” touchscreen: reduces hardware button damage;
  flexible on design.
• Six languages as standard configuration: English, French,
  German, Spanish, Japanese and Chinese. Additional
  languages on request.
• Up to 64 recipes that can contain flow rate and product
• Instant adjustments to up to four different shot sizes
• Instant switch from kg/min to lb/min or vice versa
• Alarm - if connection lost to valve
• Adjustable alarm supervision delay for starting the process

Standard Features:
• Displays product info: flow rate, valve status,
  configuration, alarm, settings, recipes
• Alarm system: flow rate upper/lower limit, connection lost
• Closed loop system
• Remote commands and recorder output
• Digital I/O and analog signal card
• CE compliant